is a private website.
Everybody can add here pictures of bridges.

Welcome on my private bridge construction portal

The most recent pictures of bridges:(incl. linked information about origin and owner)

Here you will find more than 1200 links about bridge construction and more than 1600 pictures of bridges.
Here you find a thematic ordered link and bridge overview or you can use the search engine.
The domain www.brueckenbau-links.de  exists now since over 10 years.
During this time I managed to be Number 1 with the search term ‘bridge construction’(Brückenbau) in the biggest search engines (Google, Yahoo, ...).
Several pages of the online library Wikipedia refer to this webpage. Also the DVD-version of Brockhaus refers to it. Everybody can link to this page and add further pictures of bridges.

Here everybody can (private person or companies) put online his bridge pictures.

Due to lack of time and because I’m no longer working in bridge constructing I only added few pictures in the last years.
Now I started again to look for pictures and publish them here.
Actually this website is updated on a new design (Web 2.0)

Only the most important pages are translated in english.

Yours Webmaster
Michael Koch